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Maria King Presentation Primary School, Limerick, Ireland
School now starts at 8.50 for all pupils and finishes at 1.30 for Junior & Senior Infants and 2.30 for all other classes
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Waste- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

17th Jan 2021

It is very important that we care for our environment. 

Recycling is of great importance for many reasons. Recycling is how we take waste and transform it into new products. There are several types of recycling processes that allow some materials to be used one or more times. Recycling is good for us and the environment because it reduces the use of new raw materials to product new products. It also reduces the energy we use, improves the quality of air and water, and fights climate change. 

We hope that you all continue to recycle at home, just as you do in school, as every little helps.

Have a look at the videos and Powerpoint below to remind you about recycling.

Recycling game: 

Videos: (Tour of a Recycling Plant) (Why Recycling is important)

Recycling Powerpoint (17th Jan 2021) View download document