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Maria King Presentation Primary School, Limerick, Ireland


14th Feb 2020
Look at our lovely cupcakes.
14th Feb 2020
The army band performed for all the children from second class up. It was a brilliant...
14th Feb 2020
First class were busy preparing Valentine's art for the people that they love. 
10th Feb 2020
Childhood is all about exploration and play. Our senior infants had such fun today. 
9th Feb 2020
Tuna Melt & Croque Monsiuer sandwiches & chocolate chip muffins with Friday’s...
6th Feb 2020
Mr. Culbert's class had great fun making volcanoes in science. 
28th Jan 2020
First class were so excited today when they received letters from penpals in a school...
26th Jan 2020
Testing materials to see which might be good to use for a waterproof boot for a rainy...
26th Jan 2020
Working in groups to see who can build the tallest tower using paper and tape. 
26th Jan 2020
Using cubes to solve word problems.