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Junior Infants Tuesday 28th April

28th Apr 2020

Hi boys & girls,

Today our game is a Finding Game. This is where you have to find as many items as your Mum or Dad tell you to. The aim of this game is remembering. Can you remember all the items? Let's go!

It's very similar to the game we played last week but today as the weather is nice. Let's go outside!

Here are some examples:

  1. Find a window, a door and a wall.
  2. Find a leaf, a twig and a stone.
  3. Find something red, something green and something blue.
  4. Find something longer/shorter than your arm.
  5. Find something longer/shorter than your shoe.

These are just some examples. You can make up as many as you want. You can make it easier by getting them to find one or two items. Or, you can challenge them by getting them to find as many as they are able to remember. 


Have fun and talk to you all tomorrow,

Ms.O'Malley, Ms. Fitzgibbon & Ms. Roben