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Maria King Presentation Primary School, Limerick, Ireland

Your Maths Jokes

22nd May 2021

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sending on all the maths jokes :-)  Here are a sample for you to enjoy.  Some others are displayed on the maths display in school. 

What do you call a man who loves maths?
Matt Matics
(From Ryan 1st Class)

What did you do when you were hungry doing your maths? “I 8 it”
(From Andrew 1st Class)

Q. Teacher: Why did you do you multiplication on the floor?
A. Student: You told me not to use the tables.
(From Yasmin 1st Class)

Did you hear what 0 said to 8? Nice belt!!!
(From Sophia 2nd Class)

Why don’t you do maths in the jungle? Because if you add 4+4 you get ate!
(From Sophia 2nd Class)

Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7, 8, 9.
(From Olivia 1st Class)

What did the triangle say to the circle?
You’re pointless!
(From Olivia 1st Class)

Why are obtuse angles so depressed?
Because they are never right.
(From Berahna 6th Class)

Are monsters good at maths?
None unless you Count Dracula.
(From Orossa 2nd Class)

Why shouldn’t you let maths intimidate you?
Because it’s easy as Pi
(From Fatma 2nd Class)

And finally, big thanks to Amana in 5th class for sending on the maths poster jokes!